Load Balancers
We implement two different load balancers with DDoS protection capable of handling network load at scale while simultaneously identifying bad actors. This allows us to scale out the hosts behind the load balancers with no change to the endpoints which connect to our infrastructure.

Core Layer

One producing node and multiple fully redundant backups in a fail-over model comprise our core layer. The main producing node is the workhorse of the operation. A backup is activated during system upgrades.
  • 80 GBs - 3 TBs of RAM (as needed)

  • 4-8 vCPUs

  • 1 TB of SSD Storage

Service Layer

These hosts are the gateway to the blockchain for the Application and Core layers. These hosts also support connections from dApps, Block Producers, and any other full EOS nodes.
  • Docker

  • AWS Lambda

  • AWS CodePipeline

Application Layer

A variety of different cloud infrastructures and technologies are used to provide an easy-to-use platform for the users while maintaining the path of least resistance for development.
  • 80 GBs - 1.5 TBs of RAM (as needed)

  • 4-8 vCPUs

  • 1 TB of SSD Storage

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