Design Philosophy

The mission of BlockSpace is to position the blockchain as the most attractive decentralized application development platform to developers in the world. We achieve this by increasing the value of the blockchain in a transparent way through advancements in the technology, community empowerment, and increasing adoption through education.

Core Layer

The block producing layer and the heart of the operation.
  • The highest priorities are security and connectivity to other block producing nodes.

  • Our goal is to utilize both bare metal for block production and multiple cloud providers to accomplish a mix of full control and quick scalability.

Service Layer

Our API and RPC nodes. The dApps and other services use this layer in order to easily interact with the blockchain.
  • The highest priority is to defend against threats and provide the lowest latency access.

  • This layer is ideal for cloud based services that leverage advanced DDoS protection technologies and are able to scale quickly to meet network demand. In order to be as close to our users as possible, we distribute this layer across multiple regions.

Application Layer

This value-add layer supports the tools and Dapps.
  • The highest priority is ease of access and the speed of innovation.

  • These tools are not mission critical to block production and therefore we can focus on speed, cost and scalability. AWS is utilized to power this layer.

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